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Dear Friends,

"For one's own liberation and good of the world" is the guiding principle of the Ramakrishna Order and its motto is "Renunciation and Service and Harmony of all Faiths".

It is for the welfare of the whole mankind that India must rise again with her message of spirituality. The Ramakrishna Movement set up by Sri Ramakrishna, nourished and strengthened by Holy Mother Sarda Devi and consolidated by Swami Vivekananda and his brother disciples, stood for these ideals and thus formed into one of the great nation - building forces in the country.

We have a school for the children, one public library, one maternity home and child welfare centre, one computer training centre, one homeopathic dispensary, five tailoring training schools for poor girls and also Mission participates in relief works in various parts of India.

We earnestly appeal to our kind hearted people, benevolent friends and admirers, Public Bodies, Charitable trusts and Business/Industrial Houses to contribute liberally for this noble cause.

You may choose to help Ashrama by providing your support for one or more activities among the below listed details :-

1. School dress & study material for the children of Sarada Shishu Vihar: We provide full school uniform with winter clothing and exercise books to each child of our school. In the last session, there were 40 children who received the above mentioned items. The costs work out to Rs. 500/- per beneficiary. One may sponsor one set by donating Rs. 500/-, or more by sending contributions in multiples of Rs. 500/-.

2. Free milk to small children: We have started distributing free milk to small children and expectant mothers (50 beneficiaries in all). Each will be served nearly 200 to 250 milliliters of milk and biscuits everyday in the morning at our dispensary. The cost of milk per beneficiary per day works out to nearly Rs. 5/- including sugar, biscuit and distribution charges. The annual cost will come up to Rs. 2,000/- per beneficiary. One may donate Rs. 2000/- to support the annual cost of one child; or may support more than one by sending contributions in multiples of Rs. 2000/-. The annual cost of the project, which comes to Rs. 1 lakh only may also be supported by a single donor. In that case, the project will be dedicated to the donor or his near and dear one.

3. Equipment for the computer education centre: We have recently started a computer centre for providing computer education to needy students, at nominal charges. In view of huge demand for admission, we are planning to increase the number of computers and teachers. It will be highly beneficial if philanthropic individuals offer to support the endeavor by donating the following:

a. New/old computers/monitors/laptops/UPS etc.
b. New/old Printer/Scanner/Xerox Machine/paper.
c. New/old LCD projector.
d. New/old computer tables/chairs.
e. Basic computer learning books.

4. Power Generator: In view of poor power supply in Khetri region, it is necessary that we provide for our own power supply for running the computer centre, school and Library etc. without interruption. We need to install a 15KV generator which costs around Rs. 2,50,000/-. The donor will be given credit by way of display of name on the machine.

5. Renovation of public library: The ashrama library, with 4000 rare books, needs thorough renovation. Donors’ names will be suitably displayed in acknowledgement.

6. Puja & Shrine: One may contribute for daily and special pujas and bhoga of the Holy Trio. The Shrine Room where Swami Vivekananda stayed for three months needs repair and renovation. Devoted persons can also contribute towards this.

7. Volunteers: We invite persons who may render their services in the field of:

a. Medical services (Doctor)
b. Teaching small children up to standard V
c. Teaching Computer Courses
d. Teaching Spoken English
e. Drafting project proposals, reports etc.
f. Landscaping, gardening

8. Memorial Fund -- Any donor, who wishes to perpetuate the memory of his/her near and dear ones, may do so by making a lump sum contribution to the "Memorial Fund".

Donations to the Ramakrishna Mission are exempt from Income Tax U/S 80G of IT Act, 1961.

A/C Payee Cheque/Draft may be issued in favour of "RAMAKRISHNA MISSION, KHETRI

Swami Atmanishthananda


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Swami Atmanishthananda is the current incharge of this centre.